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CEO Consulting, is a Mexican Consulting firm, located in the city of Puebla. It is born for more than a decade, with the purpose of promoting the creation, development and consolidation of projects and business ideas.

Thanks to our nature of listening and understanding to the different sectors of the industry, we have reinvented ourselves to adapt ourselves to the new tendencies of the market, with the purpose of offering integral and effective solutions to our clients.

We understand the moments of life of a company, from the entrepreneurship, to the consolidation, expansion and diversification. We know the process, because it is part of our history.

Under a multidisciplinary structure permeated by values such as commitment, creativity and innovation, we have developed more than 300 cases, achieving position as a company capable of developing and implementing successful projects.


Our effort is a constant search for efficiency, competitiveness and leadership. The experience, professionalism, quality and commitment we have offered have allowed us to collaborate with institutions and companies throughout the country, developing projects that coordinate integral aspects with the objective of seeking their absolute viability.


We are a consulting company, formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, who combine their talents and experience for the development and implementation of successful projects.


Consolidate ourselves as a consulting firm, through its solutions, to successfully reinvent the creation of value.